The A'Design award trophy illuminated by a Nightside lamp.

Nightside NS01 Lamp Honored at the A' Design Awards

We are proud to announce that the Nightside NS01 table lamp has been honored with the esteemed A' Design Award in the field of lighting design. The Awards gala was held at the Teatro Sociale in Como, Italy, and brought together designers from all over the world and across several industries.

The A' Design Award competition is judged by an international jury of acclaimed designers and architects and seeks to celebrate outstanding and original designs across various categories. Winning an A' Design Award is a mark of distinction, signifying exceptional creativity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The Nightside NS01 was recognized for its elegant overall design, groundbreaking patented spotlight feature, and ultra-low power consumption.

Founder Jess Gupta expressed his deep appreciation for the award, stating, "receiving the A' Design Award for the Nightside Lamp is a great honor. It signifies the hard work and dedication of our team in bringing this product to life over the last few years. This award serves as motivation to continue pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible in lighting design."

Early reviews of the NS01 have been extremely positive, with customers uniformly praising the patented spotlight feature as the best solution for bedtime reading, while new mothers rave that it is a game changer for nighttime diaper changes.

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