Nightside featured on PA Live!

Nightside featured on PA Live!

Our friends in the Pennsylvania area may have caught the Nightside lamp being featured in a recent segment on PA Live! devoted to March as Sleep Awareness Month.

The hosts demonstrated the Nightside's low-light relaxing ambience, as well as its patented reading spotlight. They loved the idea of a reading spotlight that won't keep others awake, and they were equally impressed by the relaxing ambience, finding it soothing and ideal for creating a bedtime routine.

You can see the full clip here:


More about the Nightside NS01:

A Lamp Designed for Sleep (and Reading!)

The Nightside NS01 is more than just a lamp. It's meticulously engineered to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Unlike regular lamps designed for general room illumination, the Nightside NS01 has special features:

  • Patented Reading Spotlight: Enjoy reading in bed without disturbing your partner. The focused, warm-colored spotlight is limited to your side of the bed only.
  • Relaxing Low-Light Ambience: The lamp also provides a soft, relaxing glow to create a calm environment conducive to sleep, promoting melatonin production for easier sleep onset.

Better Sleep, Better You

Sleep deprivation can negatively impact mood, energy levels, and overall health. The Nightside NS01 aims to make quality sleep more accessible. If you're struggling with your sleep, this might be the ideal solution for your bedside table.


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